Monica helped me with setting short and long-term goals for saving money and paying off debt.

She also helped me with tracking monthly spending and seeing how much the little things add up, which makes it easier to cut out certain spending habits or at least see why cutting out certain things would be beneficial.

Thanks to you, I was able to write out three checks totaling $25,000 for taxes this year! I’ve paid off credit card debt, tax debt, and finally able to get after those hospital bills!

THANK YOU MLM Financial Services for allowing me this amazing service! You have a gift.

I was ashamed and embarrassed that I had accumulated debt and felt it would take a miracle for me to get a handle on my spending. The weight of knowing it was tough and making a minimum payment scared me enough to ask for help.

From my first meeting with Monica, I felt at ease. She had the courage to share her own experiences which instantly helped me let my guard down and be completely transparent. It was an ugly reality that I didn’t want to admit but I knew if I wanted my financial health to change, I had to be brutally honest with myself and her.

From that moment on, everything changed. Every decision was mine to make but having Monica linking arms with me made all the difference. Numbers were overwhelming and the amount I owed was depressing but she helped me sort the numbers and remove the emotional attachment I had to my own failure to manage my money well.

Within 3 months of adjusting my spending habits with a ton of revisions, we implemented a budget that truly never felt like I was depriving my ability to spend but was liberating because I knew I was making small impactful changes.

Three months after working this budget, I’m blown away that I can say I have been able to save for future expenses, pay off over $1000 in debt AND still live a life that has no restrictions!

Needless to say, working with Monica has changed my financial health for the better. If you asked me if this would have been possible 6 months ago, I would have laughed in your face. I’m forever grateful that I had the courage to ask for help.

No judgement!  Monica opened my eyes to see the reality of my spending habits. We created a realistic monthly allowance and set goals. 

I was given hope and encouragement to push through to see the light at the end of a dark financial tunnel.