What to Expect

Phase One

Complimentary consultation/ Discussion of goals.

Phase Two

Strategic/intentional spending plan established based on annual analysis of previous year.

Phase Three

Upon completion of previous year analysis, preliminary monthly spending plan will be created; zoning in to account for all income working to a zero based budget, while client directs funds.

Phase Four

Maintenance: Set up of spending application to reflect what we discuss. This will include weekly check ins to monthly check ins with the ultimate goal of fully operating on own.

How Long is the Process?

The process usually takes 6 – 12 months. Individualized spending plan, cutting back may or may not be necessary depending on your particular goals and income

Q & A

Q: I am so embarrassed. What if I don’t even know where my money goes?

A: Great. It’s best to not wait until things are in order. This will allow me to analyze true behavior and create a plan to move forward that is more intentional for you and your family.

Q: If I have a variable income, how do I factor in my income?

A: Best case scenario is taking previous numbers and annualizing (diving by 12). Analyze this number to see if it is the most conservative amount moving forward (current reality vs. goals/dreams)… keep at most conservative amount. If you find more income in a particular period/month, upon doing monthly/bi monthly check in- you will need to immediately direct the funds where you want them to go. This all leads to intentional spending.

Q: I have an idea of my budget, but it’s not written down and it seems to work, would this service still be beneficial?

A: Wonderful! If you feel the service is not needed, no pressure at all. At worst, this can be a double check that you are in fact on the right track. At best, we can find expenses that you were not intentionally accounting for and help you direct a saving plan on where to put these.